110 Pcs Tap And Die Set Packed In Tool Box

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The tap and die set is perfect for any DIY enthusiast or handyman,which includes taps and dies in a variety of sizes, so you can tackle any project. The taps and dies are made of durable steel.
The set comes with a handy storage case, so you can keep everything organized and easy to access.

Package includes :

35 pcs Dies

35pcs Taper taps

35 pcs Plug taps

2Xtap holders(M3-M12, M6-M20)

1X T-bar tap wrech (M3-M6)

2X Die holder (25mm, 38 O/D)

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Product 110 pcs tap die set
Content: 35 pcs Dies35pcs Taper taps35 pcs Plug taps

2Xtap holders(M3-M12, M6-M20)

1X T-bar tap wrech (M3-M6)

2X Die holder (25mm, 38 O/D)

Size: 2×0.4, 3×0.5, 4×0.7, 5×0.8, 6×0.75, 6×1.0, 7×0.75, 7×1.0
8×0.75, 8×1, 8×1.25, 9×0.75, 9×1.0, 9x.25, 10×0.75, 10×1.0
10×1.25, 10×1.5, 11×0.75, 11×1.0, 11×1.25, 11×1.5
12×0.75, 12×1.0, 12×1.25, 12×1.5, 12×1.75, 14×1.0,
14×1.25, 14×1.5, 14×2.0, 16×1.0, 16×1.5, 16×2, 18×1.5
Feature: 1/ Instead of other kits which are made of low carbon steel, our kit are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel which are more stronger, An overall chromium coating improves the corrosion resistance of the generally used through-hardening bearing steel;
2/ 110 piece tungsten steel set comes in an organized, rugged plastic storage case;
3/ Ideal for rethreading fasteners and fastener holes for auto and machinery repair. Perfect set for the professional craftsman
4/Tap and die set is designed to thread cutting: tap is used to process internal thread, while the die is for external thread;
5/Easily to start,  it is suitable for most hand threading applications.

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