High Precision Stainless Steel Vernier caliper

Short Description:

Material: Stainless steel or Carbon steel

Surface treatment: Chromium plating

Accuracy: ±0.02mm

Resolution: : 0.02mm

Application : Outside diameter, inside diameter, depth, step

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Vernier caliper is a classic tool that can be used to measure the width, depth, or thickness of an object. It can also be used to measure the distance between two points.

Vernier calipers from Tool Bees features in :

Accurate measurement

Outer diameter, inner diameter, highly accurate measurement, carbon steel material, chrome plating process, exquisite workmanship.
Clear scale and excellent workmanship
Electroplated chromium process ruler surface, the whole pressing plate, the bayonet is flat, the laser scale is clearly visible
Ergonomic design

45° chamfered face, smooth and not hurting hands
The ruler body fastening screws are locked at any position
Order No. Spec. Res. Accuracy
TB-B01-VC150 0-150mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm
TB-B01-VC200 0-200mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm
TB-B01-VC300 0-300mm 0.02mm ±0.04mm
TB-B01-VC6 0-6” 0.001” ±0.001”
TB-B01-VC8 0-8” 0.001” ±0.001”
TB-B01-VC12 0-12” 0.001” ±0.0015”


Vernier caliper 0.02mm
Vernier caliper
Do you know how to read a vernire caliper ?
To read a vernier caliper, first, line up the zero on the vernier scale with the zero on the main scale. Then, read the number on the vernier scale that lines up with the mark on the main scale. For example, if the number on the main scale is 2 and the number on the vernier scale is 5, the vernier caliper measures 2.5 inches.

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