High Quality hand lubrication pump

Short Description:

● Stable lubrication of each lubrication point.

● Start-up lubrication, power-off memory function.

●With one-way valve setting, oil doesn’t flow back, fully guarantee lubrication.

● With overheat protection, the motor is durable.

Product Detail

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Tool Bees picked the best quality hand operated oil lubrication pump in the market ,hand lubrication pump is also loved by a lot of old school machinists or where we still need a manual type lubrication pumps while machining.

Performance and characteristics

● Small volume, easy installation and convenient use. Check device is used to prevent back flow. It is applicable for sites with non rigorous requirements and machinery with simple lubricating system.

●Oil product viscosity: 20~ 150cst.

Order No. Max Throught Pressure (Mpa) Throughout Vilume (cc/cy) Oil Outlet Pipe Dia Handle Type Oil Tank Volume Oil outlet direction Weight (KG)
TB-A12-BEC-6 1.5 6 φ4 or φ6 Left or Right 600 Upward or downward 0.9
TB-A12-BEC-8 8

Manual Type Lubrication Pump

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