IP65 Digital Z-axis Zero Setter

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Digital Type Inch & Metric Z Axis Presetter for Z Axis Tool Height Setter on CNC machine

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Digital Z-axis Presetter is used to help with tool setting.

Can be used in IP65 working enviroment ,with inductive measurement against splash water ,and will not damge the tool edge.

Resolution reaches 0.001mm,higher than other zero setter

Accuracy matches ±0.002mm/0.0001” ,repeatability matches 0.003mm/0.0001”

Battary type :3V Lithium CR2032

Strong Magnetic Base helps fixing on machine steadily and shortening tool setting time.

Instructions for use

1.Before using, press the Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter a few times to check whether the sliding is smooth.
2 After the base surface and the workbench or plane are fully fitted, press the ON / OFF / ZERO key to set the zero position.
3.After the zero setting is completed, set the tool setting instrument on the table or workpiece plane below the machine tool tip.
4.Move the knife tip slowly down to touch the surface of the Z-Axis Scale Zero Setter , and adjust it slowly until the number on the LCD screen is 0.00mm

Order No. Height  Resolution
TB-A22-50 50mm 0.001mm/0.00005”
TB-A22-100 100mm 0.001mm/0.00005”


DHP280 Z-axis presetter

z axis preset meter

digital z axis presetter

z axis pre-setter

z axis presetter

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