Keyless Drill Chuck With Thread Mount

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Used in lathe、milling machine、drilling bench、electric hand and woodworking machine etc.

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Keyless drill chuck is a type of drill chuck that does not require a key to tighten or loosen the chuck.

This type of chuck is typically tightened or loosened with a hand-tightening knob.

This chuck is a great option for those who frequently use power tools, as it is easy to use and eliminates the need to carry a key around.

Order No. Capacity Mount D(mm) L(mm) Accuracy(mm)
J0306 0.5~6mm M10X1 34 64 0.2
J0306A 1/64"~1/4" 3/8"-24UNF
J0308 0.5~8mm M10X1 40 80
J0308A 1/64"~5/16" 3/8"-24UNF
J0308B 0.5~8mm M12X1.25
J0308C 1/64"~5/16" 1/2"-20UNF
J0310 1~10mm M10X1 42 86
J0310A 1/32"~3/8" 3/8"-24UNF
J0310B 1~10mm M12X1.25
J0310C 1/32"~3/8" 1/2"-20UNF
J0313 1~13mm M10X1 44 97
J0313A 1/32"~1/2" 3/8"-24UNF
J0313B 1~13mm M12X1.25
J0313C 1/32"~1/2" 1/2"-20UNF
J0316 3~16mm M12X1.25 48 107 0.24
J0316A 1/8"~5/8" 1/2"-20UNF
J0316B 3~16mm M16X1.5
J0316C 1/8"~5/8" 5/8"-16UNF


Keyless drill chuck - 2

Keyless drill chuck - 3

Keyless drill chuck -1


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