LED working light with magnetic mounting base

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This working light is with magnetic base,can easily be put on any position of mahcine tools.

Ideal choice for universal machine tools for example ,manual milling machine, traditional lathes

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LED working light with magnetic mounting base featured in :

  • The material aluminum housing is heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and waterproof.
  • Robust construction is resistant to water, coolant, and lubricants.
  • Strong magnet base for easy installation.
  • A flexible gooseneck arm provides a flexible lighting positioning.
  • 4.5w LED with high CRI>75. 24v/220v dc/ac available.
  • 0.75 cables, not plug fitted.
  • High power 1-3w LED.
Order No. Input Voltage Power
TB-A10-M3M AC/DC24V; AC/DC12V 4.5W
TB-A10-M3M AC100-240V


Magnetic base LED light size

Magnetic base LED light

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