Multifunctional Drilling Milling Machine Angle Tilt Worktable

Short Description:

1. The worktable can be forward or backward, adjusting angle 0 – 45°
2. There are degrees on the side, and the adjustment angle can be measured accurately。

Product Detail

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Order No. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) Dmm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) H(mm) J(mm) Angle
TB-A18-WT7 180 130 35 95 10 130 176 145 10 ±45°
TB-A18-WT10 255 180 50 136 16 178 251 210 16 ±45°
TB-A18-WT12 302 241 65 164 16 240 302 255 18 ±45°
TB-A18-WT15 381 255 65 185 16 260 260 300 18 ±45°

Tilting Work Table with Swivel Base making it perfect for a variety of tasks

The Tilting Work Table with Swivel Base is perfect for a variety of tasks because it can be adjusted to different angles. This makes it easy to use for a variety of purposes. Whether you need to work on a project or just need a place to put it, It’s perfect for use in a workshop, garage, or any other workspace.

Working from any angle

The Tilting Work Table with Swivel Base makes it easy to move the table around, so you can work from any angle. This is a great feature if you need to get a better view of your work or if you want to share the workspace with someone else.

High-Quality Raw Materials Used

The Tilting Work Table worktable is made of high-quality materials ensuring that it will last for years.

Wholesale Price

This tilting table is offered at a wholesale price, making it a great value for your business.

Slide Angle Table

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