7″ x 14″ Variable-Speed Mini Lathe

Short Description:

Mini lathe is perfect for the precision turning of small parts,it has a cast iron base for stability and a precision-ground bed for accuracy. The mini lathe has a 6″ swing over the bed, and a 12″ between centers. It comes with a 3-jaw lathe chuck, faceplate, and a tool post.

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Variable Speed Gear:
Plastic Nylon
Spindle Taper:
Tail Stock Taper:
Distance Between Centers:
14″ (350mm)
Swing Over Bed:
7″ (180mm)
Chuck Diameter:
3.93″ (100mm)
Spindle Bore:
0.8″ (21mm)
Cross Slide Travel:
2.56″ (65mm)
Top Slide Travel:
1.38″ (35mm)
Range of Metric Threads:
0.5-2.5″ (12-52 T.P.I Range of Imperial Threads)
Spindle Accuracy:
0.0004″ (0.01mm)
Spindle Speed:
100-2500 RPM Infinitely Variable
Power Of Motor:
Net Weight:

The mini lathe is powered by a DC motor, meaning it is both powerful and reliable. This makes it a great choice for precision work.

With its infinitely variable spindle speed, you can choose the perfect speed for the job, ensuring the best results.

The automatic feeding feature ensures smooth, consistent operation of the machine. This ensures that your work is done quickly and efficiently.

The professional tool post ensures accurate and precise results. This ensures that your work is done with the utmost quality.

mini lathe 1

mini lathe 2

mini lathe 3

mini lathe 4

mini lathe 5



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