Deburring Tools

  • Pneumatic chamfering tool for wood metal and aluminum

    Pneumatic chamfering tool for wood metal and aluminum

    Minimum Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
    Minimum Radius: 3Rmm
    Minimum Hole Diameter For Chamfering: φ6.8mm
    Minimum Chamfering Depth:6mm
    Chamfering Angle:45 Degree
    Chamfering Capacity: Mild Steel 0C~1C

  • Aluminum Hand Deburring Tools

    Aluminum Hand Deburring Tools

    The deburring tool kit set is super heavy-duty, with its handle being made of premium painted aluminum alloy, rotary mounting head being made of tough M2 high speed steel, blades included being made of quality high speed steel
    This tool kit set is an ideal product for even long time using. The blade is mounted on the handle that rotated 360 degrees, works great for both right/left handed friend. You can replace the blade by simply pressing the button, which is pretty simple. The Grip is 12.8cm(5 inches) in length,and it is comfortable and secure to hold.