High Precision Electronic Type Edge Finder

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No turning required
Position can be quickly located
For milling machines, machining centers and other mechanical equipment, it can effectively save the time required to find the correct position
The utility model can be used for efficient detection of end faces, inner and outer diameters

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High Precision Electronic Type Edge Finder Features in:
Easy to measure,this section does not require rotary measurement
Can be used for deep hole measurement,for deep hole and narrow groove type measurement, for the eye can not see the sub-measurement.
Double alarm,when the ball and the workpiece contact, the red light will be the same time the whistle will sound.

Ooder No. Shank Diamater Length Ball Head Diamater Accuracy Type
TB-A09-XBQ-A φ20 96.5 φ10 0.005 Eletronic
TB-A09-XBQ-B φ20 100 φ10 0.005 Beep
TB-A09-XBQ-C φ20 160 φ10 0.005 Eletronic
TB-A09-XBQ-D φ20 160 φ10 0.005 Beep
TB-A09-XBQ-E 3/4” 100 0.4‘’ 0.0002” Eletronic
TB-A09-XBQ-F 3/4” 100 0.4‘’ 0.0002” Beep

Optical edge finder 1

optical edge finder

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