Magnetic base Stand for dial indicators

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The magnetic stand for dial indicators is perfect for use on metal surfaces. The strong magnets hold the indicator in place, while the adjustable arm allows for easy positioning.

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Model Holding Power  Base (mm) Main Pole (mm) Sub Pole (mm) Dia. of clamp hole (mm) Weight
TB-B06-MAS-B 80kg 60 X 50 X55  φ12 X 176  φ10 X 165 6.0/8.0  1.5kg
TB-B06-MAS-C 80kg 60 X 50 X55  φ12 X 178  φ12 X 165  6.0/8.0  1.7kg
TB-B06-MAS-L 130kg 117 X 50 X 55  φ20 X 335  φ14 X 200  6.0/8.0 3.6kg

Magnetic stand

Magnetic stand 2

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