Fine Pole Magnetic Chuck for Surface Srinder

Short Description:

The Magnetic Chuck main uses and characteristics

1. Fine frinding on six faces. Applies to surface grinder, EDM machine and linear cutting machine.

2. Pole space is fine, Magnetic force is distributed uniformly. It performs well on thin and tiny workpiece machining. The working table precision doesn’t change during magnetizing or demagnetizing.

3. The panel through special processing, with no leakage, prevents corrosion by cutting fluid, extends working life and enables to work longer time in cutting fluid.

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Tool Bees supplies high quality magnetic chucks manufactured according to highest standards and are available in most common sizes from stock,magnetic chucks are modern devices that replace vices, mechanical clamps, and fixtures, which accelerate your work during machining ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic chucks can save a lot of time by clamping and unclamping machined components, while also making the workpiece accessible from 5 sides without damaging the product.The goal of using magnetic chucks for work holding has become popular in manufacturing facilities across the globe.

Workpieces for machining are traditionally held in place using vises or fixtures, but the blank, casting, or forging can also be held with enough grip to allow milling, turning, drilling, or grinding. Magnetic chucks have been commonly used in surface grinding applications, but are now also being used in general machine shops.

Order No. Dimension Magnetic Spacing Weight(KG)
L B H 120N/CM² 1.5+0.5 OR 1+3  
TB-A13-1510 150 100 48 4.5
TB-A13-2010 200 100 48 7.5
TB-A13-1515 150 150 48 8.5
TB-A13-2015 200 150 48 11.3
TB-A13-3015 300 150 48 16.5
TB-A13-3515 350 150 48 19.8
TB-A13-4015 400 150 48 22.6
TB-A13-4515 450 150 50 25.5
TB-A13-4020 400 200 50 31.5
TB-A13-4520 450 200 50 35.5
TB-A13-5025 500 250 50 45
TB-A13-6030 600 300 48 72
TB-A13-7030 700 300 48 85



Benefits of magnetic chucks 

The benefits of magnetic chucks include:

Reducing setup.

Increasing access to the many sides of a workpiece.

Simplifying work holding.

Magnetic chucks easy to operate


Our advantages bying supplying magntic chucks :

* High Quality Guaranteed magnetic chucks

* Magnetic chucks with competitive price


Usage method
1. suction cups should be cleaned before use to avoid scratches affecting accuracy.

2. Place the workpiece on the sucker table, then insert the wrench into the shaft hole and rotate 1800 to ON clockwise, then suck the workpiece for machining.

3. use ambient temperature at -400C–500C. No knocking is necessary to prevent magnetic reduction.

4. if the workpiece is finished, insert the wrench into the shaft hole and rotate it 1800 times along the counter clockwise to “OFF”, then the workpiece can be removed.

5. finish the working face with antirust oil to prevent corrosion.

magnetic chuck-1

magnetic chuck -2

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