High Quality Boring Head Combo Package

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Boring Head(Boring bar) is the main accessories of boring and CNC milling machine tools ,for example coordinate boring machine, horizontal boring machine, ordinary boring machine.

Boring Heads are used for boring, boring outer circle, boring end face, boring ladder hole,boring hole end face, cut the hole and the outer ring groove and other processing.

This Boring head combo set contains boring head,Boring Bars,Boring Shank, it is perfect for the milling machine.

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The Boring Head combo package

Made of high quality carbon steel with excellent hardness and toughness to extend its service life.
Boring head is the main accessory for boring and CNC milling machines, such as coordinate boring machine, horizontal boring machine and ordinary boring machine.
Used for machining inner hole surface, boring, boring outer ring, boring end face, boring ladder hole, boring end face, cutting hole and outer ring groove, etc.
High accuracy for fine mechanical process of good quality.

Order No. Mounting Shank Boring Head & Boring Bar
TB-A03-MT2-50MM MT2 50mm Boring Head;9pcs 12mm boring bar set
TB-A03-MT3-50MM MT3
TB-A03-MT4-50MM MT4
TB-A03-ISO30-50MM ISO30
TB-A03-ISO40-50MM ISO40
TB-A03-MT2-75MM MT2
TB-A03-MT3-75MM MT3 75mm Boring Head;12pcs 18mm boring bar set
TB-A03-MT4-75MM MT4
TB-A03-ISO30-75MM ISO30
TB-A03-ISO40-75MM ISO40


Order No. Mounting Shank Boring Head & Boring Bar
TB-A03-MT2-2INCH MT2 2”Boring Head,9Pcs 1/2” Boring Bar Set
TB-A03-R8-2INCH R8
TB-A03-MT2-3INCH MT2 3”Boring Head,12Pcs 3/4” Boring Bar Set
TB-A03-R8-3INCH R8

Boring Head Combo Package

F1 boring head is made of manganese steel,durable and has long service life,The accuracy of the head is 0.001,which applicable to most scenarios.
The boring head can be used in milling machine or machining center ,and the boring head is stable and has great performance while using.

Order No. D(mm) H(mm) Max offset Boring bor dia Min graduation Dia of Boring
TB-A03-F1-1/2 50 61.6 5/8” 1/2” 0.001” 3/8”-5”
TB-A03-F1-3/4 75 80.2 1” 3/4” 0.0005” 1/2”-9”
TB-A03-F1-1 100 93.2 1-5/8” 1” 5/8”-12.5”
TB-A03-F12 50 61.6 16mm 12mm 0.01mm 10-125mm
TB-A03-F18 75 80.2 25mmm 18mm 12-225mm
TB-A03-F25 100 93.2 41mm 41mm 15-310mm

F1 boring headF1 boring head image

F1 boring head size

High Speed Steel F1 Rough Boring Cutters

The boring cutter are made of high-speed steel, boring cutter is durable and easy to use in the practical life.strong and durable, and stable in structure and these boring bars are not suitable for complete deformation and has a long service life.
There are 9 different lengths to meet your needs. And this boring tool keeps long service life, easy to replace,which let you not be afraid of the challenges of work needs and make work easier
The boring bars are made via precision craft by many experts with high performance according to strict rule such as CNC milling tools kit set is entitled with practical adoptability, keeps its high performance for a long time.
The boring cutter bar are specially designed for boring cutters, and it is more effective and efficient when used with boring cutters. And it is recommended that you use it with a boring tool.
After many inspections before leaving the factory, boring cutter’s quality is guaranteed, you can use it with confidence.and if you have any problem you can come we will try our best to solve your problems.

Metric INCH    
Order No./Dia of Boring Holes Dia.of Boring Heads Boring Capacity Order No./Dia.of Boring Holes Dia.of Boring Heads Qty.of Boring Cutters Bar Thread
TB-A03-F1-12mm 50mm 10-125mm F1-2” 1/2” 9pcs 1-1/2-18
TB-A03-F1-18mm 75mm 12-225mm F1-3” 3/4” 12pcs 1-2/2-18
TB-A03-F1-25mm 100mm 15-310mm F1-4” 1” 6pcs 1-2/2-18

F1 rough boring cuttersF1 boring cuttersF1 boring cutters image

F1 Type Boring Head Tool Holder 


High quality elastic steel material with long use time.

Holder hardness:48-55HRC

We supply multiple types of shank or connecting taper according to your requirements. BT/DIN/CAT/ISO/MS

The precision little than 0.01mm with balance 8000rpm.

Suitable Boring Bar & Wrench is also upon request.

Precision boring head, shank and bar combo sets can be supplied.

Order No. Shank L(mm) M Order No. Shank L(mm) M
F1-MS2W MS2 93   F1-ISO40 ISO40 135  
F1-MS2 108   F1-ISO50 ISO50 168  
F1-MS3W MS3 110   F1-5/8 5/8 〃 97  
F1-MS3 128   F1-3/4 3/4 〃 112  
F1-MS4W MS4 133 7/8 〃 -20 F1-7/8 7/8 〃 127 7/8 〃 -20
F1-MS4 154 1-1/2 〃 -18 F1-1 1 〃 137 1-1/2 〃 -18
F1-MS5W MS5 160   F1-1-1/4 1-1/4 〃 167  
F1-MS5 186   F1-1-1/2 1-1/2 〃 197  
F1-MS6W MS6 214   F1-1-3/4 1-3/4 〃 227  
F1-MS6 248   BT40X7/8″-20-45 BT40 122.4  
F1-R8 R8 132.5   DIN69871.A40X7/8″-20-40 DIN69871.40 120.4  
F1-ISO30 ISO30 102   CT40X7/8″-20-50 CT40 130  


Boring Shank 1Boring Shank 2Boring Shank 3

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