U2 Universal Cutter Grinder Machine

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U2 universal tool and cutter grinder is suitable for grinding different diameters, shapes and angles of engraving knives, round knives, straight shank milling cutters, gravers, die milling used on computer engraving machines, engraving millers, machining centers, engraving machines, dividing machines, marking machines, etc. Easy to operate, high precision, great quality-price ratio.

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U2 Universal Cutter Grinder is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of grinding applications. It is a reliable machine that can produce quality results. This machine is perfect for grinding a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

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U2 Universal Tool Cutter Grinder is easy to operate – you can quickly get precise, high-quality results. Plus, U2 is durable and built to last, so you can rely on it for years to come. U2 is the perfect choice for busy professionals who need a printer that can handle heavy workloads.

U2 Universal Cutter Grinder is perfect for grinding different diameters, shapes, and angles

This cutter grinder is perfect for grinding different diameters, shapes, and angles. It has a precision-ground, hard-anodized aluminum body that ensures a smooth, precise grind. Plus, the integral stop collar makes it easy to adjust the grind size.

Specifications TB-G07-U2
Wheel Diameter φ100mm
Thickness 50mm/35mm
Hole diameter φ20mm
Spindle speed 5200rpm
Max.clamping diameter φ3~16mm
Longitudinal traver of index head carrier 140mm
Longitudinal adjustment travel of index head carrler 18mm
Spindle and wheel longltudinal adjustment travel 6mm
Taper angle range 0~100°
Negative taper angle range 0~20°
Reliefangle range 0~25°
Moter Power 0.37kw
Speed 2810rpm
Voltage Three-Phase 380V
Voltage Single-Phase 220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Gross weight 52Kg
Packing dimensions 55.5*45*43cm

Maximun collet capacity: Φ20mm
Taper angle: 0~ 180°
Relief angle: 0~ 45 (degree)
Negative angle: 0~ 26 (degree)
Cup grinding wheel: 100x50x20 mm
The universal index head is provided at 24 positions so that any particular angle of shape can be obtained.
It is allowed for the grinding to rotated 3600 or 100 with the End Mill Twist Drill Lathe tool, it only needs to be attached to the index head, and there is no complex setup.
User friendly English manual .
Warranty and after sales services: One year

universal cutter grinder machine

U2 universal cutter grinder

U2 cutter grinder

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